Back Pain

Back Pain | Services | Dublin Performance InstituteOver the last 15 years I have heard the line “I have a bad back” too many times to recount. I have seen some terrible cases and witnessed a great deal of pain in many clients.

Yes they DID have a bad back at this stage but they usually weren’t born with it like that.

There are, obviously, exceptions to this rule. I have treated clients with scoliosis that has been present since birth. In cases such as these I have been able to improve their situation if I haven’t been able to fully resolve it.

Very often, these “life long bad back” clients had once been OK. They had lived pain free until something happened. Some of them could not remember anything dramatic which did happen but during discussion with me we usually pin pointed an event that could have caused their current pain.

Some clients recounted years of pain. Some were in pain 20 years. This shocked me at one time.

Most had already had a great deal of unsuccessful treatments. I wasn’t shocked anymore as I visited a great deal of Therapists, including Physiotherapists and Chiropractors and realised that they way they were treating these clients was never going to work.

How could someone say conclusively that a patient could need 4, 10, 20 or more treatments right from the first consultation? This was a great way to make money if nothing else.

Why were so many treatments prescribed and still the client was in pain? This was because the Therapist was not getting to the root of the problem. I am hoping that it was because they did not know how to and it wasn’t due to financial reasons.

I have suffered with my lower back for years since I was in a car crash in 1996. Nobody was able to fully resolve my pain. this is what led me to change career. I wanted to help people like me. People who wanted to be fully pain free.

I realised very quickly that the orientation of your pelvis was key. Fundamentally, if you were correctly aligned the majority of you pain dissipated. Then I combined this alignment with functional release of all possible influencing muscles. Most Therapists did not check correctly whether you were in fact aligned or not.

How many times have you been told your core is weak by a Physiotherapist when you presented with a back problem?
RUBBISH. Movement combined with muscle tightness move your pelvis out of place and this is the CAUSE.

Recently I treated a 150KG client who is one of the strongest men in the world. His lower back had been troubling him for a year. On examination, he had a POSTERIOR TILT OF HIS LEFT HEMI PELVIS. Once I fixed this his range of movement immediately increased and his pain was gone. He was immediately back lifting.
The reason I use this as an example is that he had been told his core was weak. This guy can lift 350kg plus from the ground. Nothing is weak here. But his own movement during a lift combined with the added pressure his muscles experienced lifting something so heavy along with some very tight muscles connected to his pelvis rotated his pelvis backwards.

No one that I know of in Ireland diagnoses a POSTERIOR PELVIC TILT correctly and even if they have an idea that this is the case they do not realign it correctly.

I have seen far too many people waste a great deal of money being adjusted. Adjusted incorrectly! They are still out of alignment because most adjustment work correctly on an ANTERIOR PELVIC TILT but do not resolve a posterior tilt and usually make the situation worse.

I have treated pre-OP clients who subsequently have not needed an operation. I have successfully treated post-OP clients who were still in pain and now had to get over the trauma of an unnecessary operation.

During a treatment with me I explain simply what is wrong. I actually show you. I keep showing you what I am doing and how it the treatment is affecting you as I work on you. I help you figure out how to stop this reoccurring if it has been a long term issue and we also examine your daily routine to determine if anything you are doing is the root cause.