Personal Training, Nutrition and BioSignature Testimonials

Over the course of 10 years, John has worked with a variety of different clients. From sports professionals injuries to back problem for office workers. Below are a selection of personal training, nutrition and BioSignature testimonials he has received over the years.

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Mark LoughranSenior Account Manager at Dataconversion Direct
If you want serious results and real guidance I can't reccommend JK enough. If you are serious about your fitness / strength / body fat goals you will not be dissapointed!!
David HicksOwner, The Meat Factory Outlet
John is the first one I speak to when I need advise or direction on anything to do with weight control, body building, gym work and fitness. John is very approachable and always willing to give advice and support.
Francis HobanSenior Network Engineer at Bloomberg PolarLake
I have used John for personal training and treatment of an injury. He is without doubt one of the best around. He has a clear passion for health and fitness which becomes very evident once you deal with him. If you are serious about results John is your man.
Gary KeeganDirector at the Irish Performance Centre
I have always John to be very giving with his time and his knowledge. He is a very committed coach who not only talks the talk but walks the walk.
Mark O'DwyerProcess and Systems Analyst at Vodafone Ireland
John is the 3rd PT I have worked with and is head and shoulders above the others, he took time to look at my body composition and tailored a nutrition and training plan to meet my goals. I found his methods unconventional at first, but this was because he does not follow the same worn out generic format, I got immediate results and as a result I am leaner, stronger and faster than I have ever been. His support is also second to none.
Patrick RyanIndependent Media Production Professional
John is very knowledgeable on many different aspects of health and fitness, across different sports, and has a reputation for being a person who is always happy to offer advice on specifics, and is always keen help you improve in your training goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking expert input on fitness or nutrition. You will not find a better person.
Phil SimsFitness Tutor & Fit Pro
I have known John for a good few years now. His knowledge is completely second to none, it is straight to the point and I like that, you get results this way in my opinion. I have been truly lucky to know John, he has helped me learn new ways to better myself and personally with my own business, I believe that everyone needs a mentor to some degree in life and I hold John as mine, I love his work and enjoy learning from him. He is my mentor, trainer and friend.
Caroline CaulfieldBusiness Analyst AIB
John is a great Personal Trainer and Bio-Sig expert. He knows his stuff! I go to see John for Bio-Sig, PT sessions and Neuromuscular sessions. Going to see him was one of the best decisions I made, money well spent. My nutrition has been tweaked so I am healthier and leaner and I am getting stronger as he taught me to lift properly! All thanks to John.
Kieran O'BrienDirector- KPMG Ireland
I have used John's service for a number of years and really benefited from the experience. The advice, guidance, and expert instruction on nutrition and strength & conditioning have delivered real benefits. I have recommended John to friends and would not hesitate to do so again.
Breda QuigleyManaging Director at The Q Cafe Company
John Kelly is a consummate professional who portrays a passion for delivering high standard results in all areas of his expertise. His vast knowledge in strength and conditioning and in sports massage is instrumental in delivering ongoing valuable support to athletes who require fast effective results that enable them to attain ongoing high goals and achievements.I have known John for the past 10 years and have availed of his expertise and support on a regular basis. As an ordinary plodder and gym attendant I have achieved excellent results, advice and direction at all times. I would highly recommend him as a valuable asset to athletes or anyone wishing to achieve a better fitness level and standard of living.
Owen TyrrellPersonal Trainer
I am a 24 year old newly qualified PT and fitness instructor. To list some of the gains and benefits I have attained from training with John I would be here all day. Bottom line John Kelly gave me an understanding about training you can't learn from a book or pick up in a gym.I have been playing rugby for 8 yrs and in the last year have been invited to train and play with the leinster rugby league team thanks to my new thinking and program's but mainly the nutritional info I have gotten from John has brought me on leaps and bounds to a level I didn think I had in me.My form has improved so much with my squat, deadlift and Olympic lifting and the knowledge John has of plyometrics is second to none.Recovery and InjuryJohn treated me on several occasions and basically started from scratch to bring me back to the level I was at through diet and threat meant my recovery was speedy and without any set back. All in all I want to thank john for the knowledge I leeched from him and the direction and benefits I have received from his programs, diets and help in the last 8 months.
Mogan LalorInvestment banking AIB
I have been interested in training and nutrition for over 15 years. Over the past year I had become aware of Charles Poliquin so I wanted to go to someone who was Poliquin (PICP and Biosig) certified to see if it could make a difference to my results. I came across John on the net, and I am so glad I went to him. Since following John's simple and effective instructions I went from 13.9% body fat to 5.6%. What I had been doing for the last 15 years had worked to some extent, but John totally transformed by body in a matter of a few months, not years. John has so much knowledge, but more importantly he knows how to put it use to achieve the results people want. I honestly believe I would not be in the shape I am today only for John's knowledge and expertise. In addition, John doesn't stop at nutrition and training. Through his neuromuscular treatments and dry needling techniques he has also fixed some age old/chronic injuries I had picked up over the years.
Anna O'LouglinWorld Champion Powerlifter
One of the first things John said to me was “Toughen the *?%$ up”…he’s seen to that. There’s no such thing as an easy training session and I wouldn’t want it that way. When I started training with John, I had already lost a significant amount of weight and had by then become involved in competitive powerlifting. I started training with him following the IPO Powerlifting Nationals in March 2011, where I squatted 92.5kg, benched 50kg and deadlifted 140kg.The bench press in particular is the lift I struggle with. It has improved by 20% in the year since I first trained with John. My squat has improved 13% and my deadlift by 8%.Following the IPO Nationals, John wrote all my programmes and oversaw my nutrition and supplementation in the 12 weeks I had to train in the run up to the EPC (European PowerliftingChampionships) on June 2nd 295kg in the competition, (Squat 95kg, bench press 57.5kg, deadlift 142.5kg) The bench press wasthe big improvement. I continued to push up my max lifts, squatting 100kg and deadlifting 148kg in August 2011. The next few months were tough for personal reasons and training towards the GPC World Powerlifting Championships in November 2011 was up and down. John really just helped to manage some of the stresses in my life at the time and get me to the competition in one piece! My total on the day was not what I had hoped but I did manage to lift 150kg off the ground, with John there to shout me on - a technical failure but a personal best none the less!Training is back on track since and all my lifts are improving again. My squat is much more solid than it was. Nothing beats getting a new PB. In my most recent competition, the Irish Powerlifting Organisation’s National Championships, in Limerick on March 31st, a 60kg bench press and a successful 150kg deadlift, for a total of 315kg, an increase of 20kg on my previous best total of 295kg.Progress is never simply linear. I’ve had peaks and troughs in training but I couldn’t be happier with how my lifts have improved both technically and in terms of actual weight lifted.
Riyadh AbdelkaderEditor In Tallaght Magazine
I've worked with John on numerous occasions and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get expert health, fitness and nutritional information. John really knows his stuff and can help you reach your personal goals.