Sports Injuries Testimonials

Over the course of 10 years, John has worked with a variety of different clients. From sports professionals injuries to back problem for office workers. Below are a selection of sports injuries testimonials he has received over the years.

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Ciaran GilchristIT Support Engineer at Bryan S. Ryan
I pulled my hamstring a few years ago. I went to other therapists, who were able to ease the problem, but it wasn't until I went to John that he got rid of the problem permanently, with his deep needle therapy, and hip realignment exercises. I wasn't able to walk properly for 2 days after it but once the muscle healed up, I was able to sprint again, without the hamstring recurring.
Paul HughesSDET at Microsoft
John is very knowledgeable in the areas of fitness, nutrition and all round sporting performance. I have been treated by John for a knee injury and also received fitness and nutrition training and information. I always found him to be very professional and helpful with an in depth understanding of the areas he is working in.
Michael FreeleyMiddle distance runner (800M - 10K) Rathfarnham W.S.A.F. A.C.
The first time I was treated by John Kelly was in April 2005 when I started doing sessions on the track in preparation for the upcoming track season. My left calf muscle got very sore and I missed a full weeks training because of the injury and even had trouble walking without pain. I was treated by John on the Saturday and by Sunday (as he promised me) I was back doing 30 minute easy runs. Without the treatment there was absolutely no way I could have run on the Sunday. In May 2005 I injured a tendon in my hamstring where it inserts at the back of the knee (called the biceps femoris?) and missed the remainder of the 2005 track season, mainly due to my own stupidity in not getting the injury seen to immediately, continuing to run on the injury, and finally by getting substandard treatment from another physio who mis-diagnosed the injury as IT band syndrome. I contacted John again who correctly diagnosed the injury and after 3-4 sessions, over the course of 2 weeks, I was back doing easy runs again. Since then I have been lucky and have remained injury free and have been obtaining PBs again. The regular sessions with John definitely help in this regard. I would highly recommend John as a sports therapist, he is the first person I always contact if I feel a 'niggle' coming on because it is so important to get it looked after straight away. It is also important to get regular rub-downs and help with stretching exercises to remain injury free. Since John is a runner himself, he listens to the athletes describing their pain and knows exactly what to look for and how to treat it. The treatment is always first class and is great value for money.
Steffi Creaner100m and 200m Sprinter
  • National Senior 200m Bronze Medallist
  • National Junior 200m Silver Medallist
2009 has been my toughest year in athletics to date. Battling with injury all year (hamstring strain, quad tear), John most definitely aided my chance of participating in Serbia. Just when I had given up all hope, John approached me. After 4 sessions I was back sprinting and my name is down to travel to the European Junior Championships. Feeling privileged to be there, the idea of participating hadn't quite entered my mind. When I found out I was starting the 4x100m relay I was ecstatic to say the least. So was John. He is highly qualified and extremely engaging and interested. He is very accommodating and willing to help the stricken athlete. I trust john completely and know how vital his experience is in helping us athletes to achieve our goals.
Ciaran Mackey400m Sprinter
  • PB 2009 - 55.6 (before I met John)
  • PB 2009 - 50.9 (after I met John)
  • Bodyfat July 2009 - 8%
  • Bodyfat October 2009 - 3.2%
I first met John at my local athletic club when i was 'training'. I didnt know who he was at the time, but being typical John, he came over to me and told me I was doing the wrong training and that I had ''potential''. I considered his opinion and changed to a more competitive training environment. John became my Strength Trainer and introduced me to a new running coach in Santry in May 2009. With John's excellent knowledge about everything, ranging from diet, rest, weight training, supplementation etc, I ran a 5 second personal best in the 400m. (55.6 to 50.93 which earned me Bronze medal in the All Irelands).At this time he introduced me to many rehabilitation weight programmes, which would strengthen key areas around the body for sprinting, and ultimately prevent injury.Then winter came and the intensity of training and getting that all important 'base' was upon me. In terms of my physical condition, I was always naturally 'skinny' with a low fat, and thought nothing of it. But John told me the importance of fat loss for a sprinter, and then I was hooked. The low carb diet and the use of 'Estro Clear' which he gave me, which basically removed abnormal levels of the female hormone - oestrogen - from my body, particularly my legs. My body fat went from 8% to 3.2% in one month!! This meant I lost 3kg in weight, but gained 2kg in muscle due to John's programmes.Summer came and I was in shape for a 2 second PB but my ignorance to the importance of rest would go against me when I injured my hamstring several times. Summer 2010 was one to forget for me as I pretty much didn’t clock a time on the track. John kept me positive, treated my hamstring with the rare treatment of 'dry needling' which I found to be extremely effective. I concentrated on weights with John that would benefit me for 2011.November 2010 and I am lifting much heavier weights due to his individual programmes. I am injury free and will be ready for the indoor season 2011 and the following outdoor season.
Ger Hensey100m and 200m Sprinter
  • 60M M40 World Indoor Silver Medallist
  • Irish Masters M35 60M & 200M Indoor and 200M Outdoor Record Holder
  • Irish Masters M40 60M Record Holder and 2010 M40 60M, 200M & 400M National Indoor Champion
John Kelly is one of the main reasons I am sprinting at 40 years of age. Being an athlete himself gives John a unique understanding when treating sports injuries and the urgency and frustration we all feel when sidelined from competition. With John working with me on mechanical problems, injury treatment, Nutrition advice and Bio-Signature Modulation we have achieved some amazing results. Having continuous back, hip and hamstring problems (with regular severe sciatica) since the age of 21, and searching the country far and wide for a cure for 18 years, I had resolved that I would never be pain free and a serious sprint contender ever again. On returning to athletics on being too old to play rugby (which I played Senior Club in the 90’s and represented Ireland in Rugby League) I met John by chance at a race meet, he immediately diagnosed my problem. After 6 weeks of treatment I was running freely with confidence and already producing some decent speed. Now two years on, I have had my first full 12 months pain and injury free in 19 years. In seeing an opportunity to improve and bring Irish Masters Sprinting to a new level John has provided me with Nutritional advice and along with his Bio-Signature Modulation (which I was initially sceptical) through Supplementation has naturally raised my Testosterone Levels, resulting in my strength developing far beyond my expectations, my Body Fat reducing from 12.5% to 8% and allowing me to put in the quality type training sessions I have not completed since my mid 20’s. Including John Kelly in my backroom team has, I am in no doubt been a major factor in helping me achieve my World Masters 60M silver medal in a new Irish masters 60M record of 7.30 seconds. Now he has me believing I can tear up the rule book on Age and Performance.
Paul Whelan100m Sprinter
  • Junior u/20 All Ireland Indoor 60m Champion
  • Junior u/20 Leinster Indoor 60m winner (Leinster Junior Record)
  • Under 19 All Ireland 100m Champion
  • National Under 18 100m Champion
Following on from being Irish Schools Captain in 2008, I had a year plagued by injury. I was seriously considering giving up athletics for good as these injuries had become too much for me. That was until I met John. In two sessions and a proper gym program all my injuries were finally gone. Four weeks later I went on to claim the National Under 18 All Ireland 100m Title with a huge personal best. I wouldn't be in athletics today if it were not for John.
Christopher Rambo Russell100m and 200m Sprinter
In 2007 at the Youth Olympics I tore my hamstring. In the subsequent three years this problem plagued my Athletics Career and almost forced my premature retirement from International Competition. I first visited John in January 2010 following an abundance of Physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation programmes which had resulted in reoccurrence of the injury. Within a week John had my injury solved. Subsequently, I have worked and continually work with John in relation to Strength and Conditioning, General Fitness, Dietetics (BioSignature Modulation). This has allowed me to compete injury free and re-establish myself in International Athletics. I give my highest recommendation to John in any case and in particular the seemingly unsolvable.
Eamonn FaheySprinter and Long Jumper
I tore my hamstring running a leg in a relay in the Leinster Schools Track and Field Championships last summer 2009. With only two weeks until the All Irelands, for which I had qualified for in the long jump, I needed urgent treatment. Three hours after getting the injury I was in John Kelly's clinic. He managed to work around my busy schedule of 5th year school exams and I was ready to compete with time to spare. His use of trigger point needling took pressure off the injured area, thus helping me towards a speedy recovery. I only jumped 9cm short of my personal best and came 2nd in the All Irelands thanks to John's help. I find that his work is cheaper and more effective than any physio I have ever visited. This is why I am currently availing of his strength and conditioning coaching.
Anthony Mc CreeryPole Vaulter Youth, Junior & Under 23 Irish National Record Holder
Over the past few years I had battled with a recurring hamstring problem that led me to reconsider my life within sport. I had tried far and wide to find a professional with the solution to my underlying issues and with an ever increasing bank debt and failure, I was at a point of complete meltdown. That all changed when I met John, I had no idea at the time of John's expertise and during a conversation about my injury John suggested he have a look. After just 2 sessions with John it was like he took my leg off and replaced it with a brand new one. Without John's help I would have surely walked away from the sport completely. Without a shadow of doubt I would strongly encourage anyone to avail of John’s services as his knowledge and expertise is second to none.
Grainne MurphySurgeon
A quick glance at my reviews would make it apparent that I'm quite fond of cake. This love is pretty much matched by actually enjoying going to the gym though! Unfortunately I'm also injury prone and struggle to keep my poor body in something close to working order. I ended up visiting John Kelly when an irritated piriformis had stopped me from doing lunges and step ups and shin splints and tight calves were hampering my running. The physio hadn't helped and I was going crazy.He was easily contactable by email and answered all my initial enquiries (there were many) rapidly and patiently. We arranged a Saturday appointment. I arrived just about on time. John was friendly and very professional. He's a sprinter and very involved in fitness so has sympathy for the injured! We had a chat about my issues and then he examined me standing and lying.He actually picked up on the fact that my hips weren't level almost immediately. Most people don't! Considering the difference is, literally, millimetres. He manipulated my pelvis and then performed dry needling to the piriformis and one of my calves (reckoned that was enough for one day). It was NOT a relaxing treatment but that wasn't what I was there for!I'm sure he could do the nice relaxing thing if you wanted but it would be a bit of a waste when he is actually talented at making people better. 3 days later I could lunge again. I was ecstatic! He also works as a personal trainer and does nutritional advice. I haven't had personal experience, but if he manages to use even a fraction of his knowledge and enthusiasm in it I'd be pretty confident that he'd get results! If you have an injury and want it fixed though, he's your man!
Brian GreganInternational 400m Sprinter
I badly injured my groin when I was 15 and was told to take 3 months off. I returned to find my groin was still sore and I could not run. I was told by the sirgeon appointed by the Athletic's Association that I would probably never run pain free again. This news was devastating to myself and my Parents.Luckily, a couple of months later I met John by chance in the gym and he approached me as he had heard I was injured. He spoke to me about my injury and eventually after I had tried every other option available to me, I went for treatment with John. He used a technique called dry needling. Within a couple of sessions I was back running pain free. I could not believe it. I now continue to work with John as I firmly believe he is the best in the business.With the use of dry needling John has helped me recover from a grade 2 hamstring tear which happened the week before the World Juniors Championships. With daily treatment I went on to make the World Junior Final 9 days later after being told I would not be able to run after getting a scan.I also work with John with regards to personal training. It is a perfect set up as he knows my body and can develop exercises that will best suit my body. I have become strong in the gym and on the track due to the effort John puts in with me in the gym or at home developing programmes specifically for me. I owe much of my success to John for helping me with massage, weight training and injury prevention to name just a few of the services he provides for his clients.