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Featured Articles

Brendan Doyle

Brendan Doyle is a keen sprinter. After a few years away from the game he came back with a renewed enthusiasm. His goals were simple: get leaner, stronger and faster. We modified his diet, changed his weight training and very quickly he was looking better and moving faster. His dedication was outstanding and this is all that is required!!

Morgan Lalor

I have been interested in training and nutrition for over 15 years.  Over the past year I had become aware of Charles Poliquin so I wanted to go to someone who was Poliquin (PICP and Biosig) certified to see if it could make a difference to my results. I came across John on the net, and I am so glad I went to him.   Since following John's simple and effective instructions I went from 13.9% body fat to 5.6%.  What I had been doing for the last 15 years had worked to some extent, but John totally transformed ...

Eoin Tyrrell

When I contacted John I was struggling to add muscle to my frame.I was a serious rugby player and needed to put some lean mass on and getheavier.John analysed my training and nutrition and within a few months I hadleaned down slightly but added almost 8 kilos of muscle.